Neuropathy Pain Is Real-

And So Are Our Results!

New treatments are available. Right here in Missourri.

Delivering relief from nerve pain is what we do. No Drugs. No Surgery.

Every day we have more success relieving neuropathy pain!

​Neighborhood Neuropathy Center

We use a thorough Physical Therapy program for treating the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Using the latest and most powerful infrared technology helps create the most effective treatment available for the relief of your peripheral neuropathy pain and discomfort.

Our drug free, painless treatment options are researched, non-invasive

and clinically proven to reduce or eliminate nerve pain, thereby restoring function and quality of life.


Our initial assessment is designed to discover if we are a right fit for each other. If we decide to move forward its because we feel there is a high probability of success and your physical therapist will design a custom care plan suited to your individualized needs and health goals.


Our protocol is specifically aligned to the unique needs of each patient. We thoroughly consider what nerve fibers have been affected. This highly individualized method works to simultaneously decrease pain naturally, while aiding in repair and regeneration of the damaged nerves and micro circulation.

You take control with guidance from our expert staff to ensure your pain-free health continues for the rest of your life. We offer nutritional education and proper therapeutic supplementation. We know that's what you want, and we work hard to make sure that happens for you.

Expect Amazing Results

"I wanted to thank you and your offices so much again for your care and compassion and ... your advice and information. We will be recommending you guys to anyone we know who struggles with diabetic neuropathy as you are all truly rock stars in our books."

Nicole, Reno Nevada

​Letter on File

"Not all neuropathy is the same. That's why we focus on a thorough evaluation before we recommend any course of action. For our neuropathy patients, we offer a state-of-the-art solution in a facility dedicated to your health and wellness​."

Katie Doyle, RN BSN


"Thank you for your services praise praise for Neighborhood Neuropathy !!"

Jennifer, RSIC (Reno Sparks Indian Colony)

​​Letter on File

Reduce Pain

Improving local circulation and reducing inflammation will lead to healing. As your nerves and tissue heals, you will find pain, numbness and tingling also subsiding.​

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation causes serious health problems. People with peripheral neuropathy have chronic inflammation in their nerves, blood vessels, and micro-capillaries.

Improve Circulation

See the difference in local circulation as measured by a Scanning Laser Doppler manufactured by Moor Instruments. Brighter colors indicate increased circulation.

Sleep Well

Neuropathy symptoms disrupt a good nights sleep. That affects your health, and those around you. Conquer the symptoms, and sleep soundly every night.

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