About us.

We are a Physical Therapy company specializing in Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief.

It's that simple!

Dr. Zilke's Early Peripheral Neuropathy Experiences.

As a young Physical Therapist treating Peripheral Neuropathy, I found the lack of real helpful options frustrating.

II clearly recall one lady who was referred to me to help her stop falling. I am embarased to admit that my care was a failure, because every step caused her extreme pain. I was powerless to help her.

However, I remained determined and committed to finding effective solutions, through ongoing research and exploring innovative therapies,

Infrared light changes everything!

The discovery of infra red light or low-level laser therapy had a transformative impact on my approach to treating peripheral neuropathy patients.

Anodyne was the first company to create a medical grade product for Physical Therapists to use. This breakthrough technology revolutionized the care I provided. Check them out!


By applying the power of low-level laser light, pain lessened and feeling returned, and thus allowed my therapy to be so much more effective.

That was 2010 and only the beginning with the earlier models of the light units. Now with the latest device made by Neuro Light the results amaze me. daily

I made this change and... Fulton and Farmington

When Neighborhood Neuropathy Physical Therapy care combined with multi specialty pain clinics:



Protocols and results improved  in a big way. We worked together as a team to treat Peripheral Neuropathy in a comprehensive and well-rounded manner.  With neighborhood neuropathy care in these clinics, patients get the right treatments, better help with their pain, and a higher chance of feeling healthier overall.

And finally: A Physical Therapy Clinic In St. louis Specializing in Peripheral Neuropathy

Exciting news! A brand-new clinic for Physical Therapy is starting, in St. Louis and it's all about helping people with Peripheral Neuropathy. The therapists at this clinic learned special techniques and methods developed from the pain clinics and will use these protocols to treat patients with neuropathy. We will continue to work closely with doctors and experts to make sure each patient gets the best care. This clinic is bringing together the best Physical Therapy knowledge and skills to help people with Neuropathy feel better and improve their lives.

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