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​Neighborhood Neuropathy Midwest uses a complete Physical Therapy program

to treat the cause and symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Our system uses a combination of classic and new therapies to create

effective treatment for the relief of your neuropathy pain.

Then our classic Physical Therapy protocol works on restoring function and your quality of life.


We begin with an initial evaluation to see of we are a right fit for each other. We want to be honest with you and respect your time & money. So if your type of neuropathy is not the type that responds best to our program we will tell you right away.

We care about providing you the best care possible with great results, we also care about our reputation and therefore will always be honest with you.


Our Program is designed for the unique needs of Neuropathy pain.

Our highly specialized method works to simultaneously decrease your pain, while returning lost life to your feet.


Years of experience has taught us that Neuropathy is as limiting as any other health issue.

We know you want a better life and we work hard to make sure that happens for you.

Get Your Life Back!

Dare to Expect Amazing Results

"I wanted to thank you and your offices so much again for your care and compassion and ... your advice and information. We will be recommending you guys to anyone we know who struggles with diabetic neuropathy as you are all truly rock stars in our books."

Nicole, Reno Nevada

​Letter on File

"Not all neuropathy is the same. That's why we focus on a thorough evaluation before we recommend any course of action. For our neuropathy patients, we offer a state-of-the-art solution in a facility dedicated to your health and wellness​."

Katie Doyle, RN BSN

Reno Facility Director

"Thank you for your services praise praise for Neighborhood Neuropathy !!"

Jennifer, RSIC (Reno Sparks Indian Colony)

​​Letter on File

Less Pain

Neuropathy pain is very much a result of poor circulation at the end of nerves. Improving local circulation will lead to healing and thus less pain. We use the latest technology and nutrition to achieve this result

More Feeling

The feet have an abundance of nerve endings. Each has a special sense to detect: hot, cold, sharp, dull etc. with improved blood flow the nerves can now relay the information to the brain again and now you can feel what you are stepping on.

Better Movement

An important part of our program is hands on mobilization of the joints and muscles of the feet. When sensation has been gone for a long time the feet can feel and actually become stiff. Our program addresses this directly and effectively.

Better Health

Neuropathy symptoms disrupt a good nights sleep. That affects your health, and those around you. Conquer the symptoms, and sleep soundly every night.

Ask your Doctor or Podiatrist about Neighborhood Neuropathy

Does my insurance cover?

Our services are considered Physical Therapy and thus are paid by insurance just like any other health condition that your doctor prescribes Physical Therapy for. Medicare is accepted at all locations but other insurances will vary by office. You can contact your insurance company to check or call the location near you.

Is a doctors prescription needed?

In short-Yes. We provide Physical Therapy services and as such a medical prescription for PT is needed. The benefit of this process to both of us is that the doctors will be able to determine if your type of neuropathy is the best fit for our treatment.

How long does it take to get better?

The short and official answer is that it varies from person to person. While that is true, generally some improvement is noted fairly quickly. And that is a good thing!

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